Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Tuesday, 1/29

Read the "Dissoi Logoi" in the reader. Not being able to get the reader in time is not an excuse. Copy Central is fast. And you can find it in the library—this is UC Berkeley, after all.


Bryan L said...
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liz said...

Heullo Mr Coffeen.
I'm listening to the podcasts and have been inspired to find the texts.
Right now I'm looking for the Dissoi Logoi, but not having much success so far. Am I just being dense about this?
Is it going to be hidden in a compilation? Does it have another name?
Will she ever find it?

The Rhyme Syndicate said...

Liz... found link on Google Books. Not sure how accurate the translation is or how relevant to the particular translation in this class but I thought I would share. I too am following along in the podcasts.


kind regards,

Christian said...

Thanks for finding that link, Nate. I couldn't find it in Google Books or Gutenberg Project or even my local library. I've just tuned into the Podcasts and am anxious to catch up on the reading as well.

Deeply enjoying your lecture, Dr. Coffeen. It has helped me shape less contentious relationships with those around me.